How Does the Sea Freight Work?

Najmat Al Insaf Cargo’s aim is to become most reliable and cargo services provider in all long coast of Dubai. We are connecting with them and their businesses for our and their better future. Our main focus is to becoming preferred and reliable supply chain in Dubai. We even provide.  We are even providing platform. For even smaller companies can get ahead of the competitions we biggest competitors by joining hand with us with Dubai Najmat Al Insaf Cargo, we use supreme quality Cargo Services in Dubai to Pakistan packing products that’s gives complete protection for your products. As we gave the brief about our company and how we work, let’s talk about sea freight. Sea Freight is a transporting method are for mostly for large amounts of goods using carrier ships. These goods are packed into containers and then loaded into these vessels. Basically a typical cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers each, which mean that sea freight, is very a cost-efficient way to transport, high qualities products in large quantities. they ways of sea freight transported:

  • FCL or Full container load is like you purchase one or more full containers to send your products on a ship.
  • LCL or Less than container load is like your products share a container with someone else, as you may not have a full worth’s of container. Once they reach their destination, the container’s contents will be divided once more.
  • RORO or Roll on roll off is like your products will not leave the vehicle. As they are in to go onto the cargo ships. The vehicle will simply drive onto the ship, and then will drives off the other end.
  • Dry bulk shipping is like used for some specific items or valuables, which are directly deposited into the hold of the ships instead of travelling in containers.

Some companies opt to use specific containers to ship their goods safely and legally. As mentioned in our company’s descriptions, one of the major benefit are that they already know everything, like providers know all of the requirements and you will not have to engage with a shipping company for each items it is that convenient.

Once you have an engagement with these Cargo Service in Sharjah shipping companies, they will obligate to collect all goods from your supplier and move them through the port. As mentioned in one of the previously mentioned forms. It is always worth noting that these deliveries times should include. a delay moving through the port each side as they have to pass through the customs.

We may sometimes not have enough products; in that case it always be more cost-effective for you to send your products via sea Freight instead. They used for basically utilized for sending smaller quantities of products and goods they are more expensive if they send these products and good via vehicles themselves are smaller.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Obviously cost-effective comparatively to other methods.
  • Easy to maneuver heavy or large products. Without any hassle.
  • Inexpensive over long distances as we cover them mostly.
  • And for environment most Carbon-efficient solution.


  • Obviously one of the largest issue is time, when it comes to sea freight is time taken, as it is the slowest option for moving products from places to places.
  • And the prices are very unsustainable for smaller amounts of goods.

As we all know that sea freight is economically and environmentally and efficient, superior to other forms of product delivery service as we have now, but only if we are looking to transport large quantities products or if the destination of the country is far away. We have other options they are bit heavy on our pockets, as we send them via air or courier. As customers don’t follow up these technical issues. As consumers you all should used to having access to exotic foods, jewelry and crockery from around the world, the latest computer technology mobiles and designer items such as clothes, bags  and furniture, accessible to buy in the UAE. But we never think those hectic journey those products take to be in our stores for us.

Keeping import and export via Cargo Service Dubai channels moving with essential for the continuous supply of goods; Sea Freight allows importer and exporters, the ability to transport tones of products and goods into our countries and our stores. Fruit, frozen foods, mobile phones, computers, tabs furniture, iron ore, cars almost all those item which we use in our daily life. All these items are usually imported by sea. Cause companies like us are there for these services and help out our main chain supply. Once these containers arrived at the port they are loaded onto ships by these massive cranes. The containers are stacked like fully loaded on top of each other and can be as deep as 40 x 40 meters’ maximum. Once the space below the deck has been filled we containers, a hatch cover is placed on top so that more containers can be added. Easily and it won’t take much of space.

Fruit and frozen products like frozen fries and kebabs are shipped in reefer containers, which are short for refrigerated containers theses keep them cool from outside temperature. Reefer containers keep foods stored at temperatures that ensure that the produce stays fresh and steady as they reach their destination. The range of temperatures that reefer containers can store food is from -35°C to 30°C max. Once that ship has reached their destination, it is time for the ship to be docked at port for unloading. When the ship approaches the port, a local maritime pilot will be there to board the ship to assist the ship’s pilot on docking it has it’s known meaning, as they possess very specialized knowledge of the port. And then next, a tugboat will pushes and guide the ship into its slot spaces at the dock.and the ship will be berthed using Ropes. and then they unload the goods.